For placing orders, we do not have an online form. I prefer to talk to you on the phone or by email first. This ensures that we’re on the same page and that all questions are answered personally.

Below are number of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What makes Imprints different from other companies selling labels on the internet?

We concentrate on a select group of products, most of which are printed in house, with no minimum quantity orders and fast turnaround times. We have both stock labels, which we keep on hand for best pricing, and custom labels that are printed to order to your specifications.

How are your labels printed?

Most of our labels are printed using thermal printers. These printers use high quality resin ribbons which are weather and chemical resistant, and can be laminated for added durability. There are color and design limitations with thermal printing, so we usually need to first see what you are trying to print in order to make sure it is within our capabilities. We also have preferred suppliers that we use in situations where we are not able to do the job for you. These suppliers work with us to keep prices competitive and turnaround times to a minimum.

Are your labels permanent?

This is a tough question to answer, and we get it a lot. While all of the materials we use have strong adhesives and are considered permanent, that only means that they will not fall off. No label is truly permanent. If someone wants to take them off, they will come off. We do have special adhesives, which make them harder to get off, and special laminates for longer outdoor applications, but they are still just labels. Some of the first labels we did over 14 years ago are still in use, and holding up just fine. It all depends on the situations that they are used in.

Is there a charge for samples?

We never charge for samples. We have pre made up sample packs of our stock Asset and security labels along with their pricing, and if you are looking for something different, we send out samples based on what you are looking for.

What about artwork and logos?

We do have limitations when it comes to logos. We prefer to print in spot colors so if you have a fancy logo with shading and multiple colors, we may not be able to print it, which is why we like to see logos first. If we cannot do it here, we may use one of our other suppliers. Logos should be supplied in vector format at a high resolution. If you do not have a good high quality version of your logo, we may have to have it redrawn for a small charge.

How are your labels supplied?

Most of our stock labels are supplied on rolls. Most of our custom labels are supplied on sheets, depending on the quantity and the size.

I would like to place an order, what do I do next?

We try to keep ordering simple. There is no order form on our site. We prefer to communicate with you first, either by phone (866-487-9339) or email to make sure there are no questions or issues that could come up. This way, there are no surprises.