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A comparison of a label having no UV lamination vs one with.

These labels have been sitting on top of my hot tub cover for almost a year now and counting. I am in Tucson, Arizona and these labels were placed in an area where they receive most of the Arizona sun and have already survived their first summer. The top label has no lamination, so it did not fare so well. The bottom label has barely faded from the original look and shows little sign of wear. The UV lamination we use is very high quality and rated for many years of outdoor use.

These labels have been pretty much in the worst case scenario situation. Under normal circumstances, I would not even recommend placing any label horizontal on the top of a surface that sees daily sunlight exposure. They should be placed vertically on the side where they will see the least amount of sun, but as you can see, even if you have to break this rule, you will be ok for a while.

Asset/Inventory Labels - Custom

Fixed asset labels, Asset tags, Inventory labels, Inventory tags, stickers

Our custom fixed asset labels/inventory labels are made to order and are printed using either our aggressive adhesive vinyl, silver mylar or super aggressive pit bull adhesive vinyl.

They can be printed with or without UV lamination depending on whether or not you will be using the labels outdoors or in a harsher environment.

As with our other labels, there are no set or die cutting charges. Labels can be printed to just about any shape or size. Sequential numbering or bar coding is included at no extra charge.

Most orders are printed in just a couple days once the proof is approved. Orders are usually supplied on sheets, but larger sizes/quantities may be supplied on rolls.

Since these labels are printed custom to order, they are also priced to order. There are no minimum quantities, but there is a minimum charge. Below is pricing based on a 2×1 or smaller label printed 1 to 2 colors with or without lamination on silver mylar aggressive adhesive vinyl or pit bull adhesive vinyl.

MaterialUp to 1002505001000
UV Laminated Vinyl or Mylar$100$175$250$350
UV Laminated Pit Bull Adhesive Vinyl$125$225$300$400

Call or email for pricing on sizes over 2″ x 1″ or quantities over 1,000.

We are limited to what we can do with logos and color matches. If you have a logo or need a specific color we will need to see it first to determine if we can do it or not.

Asset/Inventory Labels - Custom

For best adhesion, it is recommended that you apply the labels with form pressure to a clean surface (91% isopropyl alcohol works best) I know most people wont go to that extreme, but if there is any dirt, grease, fingerprints on the surface, it could affect how well the labels stay on. On most surfaces, the longer the labels are on, the better they will stick. Remember though, they are just labels. If someone wants to take them off they will come off.