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Your Source for Asset Tags & Labels, Inventory and Security Tags,
Seals & Labels, Reflective Decals, Equipment Labels & More!

Imprints specializes in Fixed asset labels, Inventory labels, Tamper evident security and warranty labels, Reflective decals, equipment labels, tool labels and much more. We offer several stock materials/sizes for fastest delivery and best pricing, but we can also custom do just about any type of label or decal. Imprints is a small two person company dedicated to customer service. When you call, you will either talk to myself, Steve Beinhorn or my assistant Marissa. We have locations in Florida and Arizona, covering your label needs from coast to coast.

Security Tags / Labels Asset Tags / Labels
Security Tags / Labels Asset Tags / Labels
Reflective Decals, Labels & Stickers Equipment and Tool Labels
Reflective Decals, Labels & Stickers Equipment Decals / Labels

These hard-to-find tamper proof labels & tamper evident labels, tamper resistant stickers, warranty labels and tags, inventory tags, security stickers and seals have proven invaluable to many companies. Our line of products assist companies with different needs, such as property identification of equipment, tool items, and fixed asset management while preventing the tampering with of equipment and products with our tamper evident and proof security labels. We also offer bicycle registration tags, parking permit decals and equipment decals to suit those specific needs. You will also be able to manage products that are under warranty with our VOID polyester line, available in various colors.


We have a large range of stock fixed asset labels, tool, warranty, inventory, equipment, security and tamper proof & evident labels, as well as asset and inventory tags to choose from. All of our stock items are designed for fast delivery!.


Imprints offers a free, no obligation label sample pack, which includes a brochure and price list as well as samples of our warranty tags, equipment decals, inventory tags, tamper proof / evident labels, security stickers, and more. Our decal sample pack is designed to give you an excellent idea of how our products look and work so that you can order from us with confidence!

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