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Our Reflective Decals are available with no minimum quantity orders, and no set up or tooling charges. Using a new state-of-the-art digital printing system, we can print, laminate, and die cut labels to just about any size or shape to suit your application's requirements.

The retro reflective material we use in all of our labels is high quality and made to last. Using our thermal digital printing system, we can print, laminate, and cut reflective decals to just about any size or shape. We use durable thermal resin ribbons, which under most circumstances will hold up to the rigors of the outdoor environment for several years. We do recommend a protective lamination be applied to your reflective decals to reduce the chance of fading and to add extra durability. The reflective material used in our labels has a very strong adhesive so please keep this in mind if you will be using them on any surface where you might want to someday remove the label. We can even print certain colors using transparent ribbons so that the reflective properties of the material also shows through the printed area.

Reflective stickers are excellent way to enhance outdoor visibility of equipment or where personnel safety is a concern. The utility of reflective decals is nearly unlimited!

Imprints is a proud member of CALSEIA (California Solar Energy Industries Association) producing reflective decals for a wide range of equipment in the solar industry.

All of our reflective labels are custom printed. Quotes will be based upon your particular application's specifications.

Reflective Decals

Reflective Decals

Reflective Labels

Reflective Labels

Here are a few samples of what types of reflective decals and labels
you can create or use.

Reflective Decals & Labels

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