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Fixed Asset & Inventory Tags, ID Labels and Stickers

Silver mylar is the material of choice for our Asset Labels, which are perfect as fixed asset and inventory item tags. Mylar is a strong durable material and is an excellent choice for longterm inventory and asset management programs. Under normal circumstances these asset tags / labels will hold up for many years. The first labels I did over 10 years ago still look like new. Mylar asset and inventory labels have their advantages and disadvantages over the much more expensive aluminum labels that other companies sell. The main advantage of using the mylar material for fixed asset / inventory tags is cost and turnaround time. They are also more flexible than the aluminum material so they will conform better to non flat surfaces of inventory and fixed asset items. The aluminum labels are best suited for harsh environments but that level of durability comes at a cost as they are very expensive and usually take longer to produce.

Silver Mylar Fixed Asset Tags / Labels

3 stock sizes of fixed asset tags to choose from. ( 2 x 1)  (1-1/2 x 3/4)  ( 2-part 2-1/4 x 5/8)

Silver Mylar Asset Tags / Labels

Our silver mylar labels and tags for fixed assets or inventory items are available in three convenient stock sizes and four print colors (black, blue, green, or red). We offer fast delivery and the best pricing available for quick and easy tagging of your fixed assets and/or inventory items. Mylar is a strong, durable material and is best suited for indoor applications. If the labels are going to be used outdoors or in a harsh environment on inventory items, we recommend using our clear cover labels for maximum protection of the tags. There is no extra charge for the clear covers for the first 1,000 tags and only a small additional charge thereafter.

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Asset Label Prices

Prices of Asset Tags

Application Instructions For Asset Tags / Labels

Our fixed asset tags / inventory labels come with a permanent adhesive and should stay in place on your items for many years to come, (the original labels I did over 10 years ago still look like new) but they are still just labels. If someone wants to take the tags off, they will come off. With all the different surfaces that people stick the tags on, it is impossible to predict how well they will adhere.

To help ensure you're getting the most out of the adhesive on your fixed asset tags, make sure the surface you are applying the tags to is clean. By wiping the surface with some 91% isopropyl alcohol first, you will clear away any dust, dirt or fingerprints that will affect the adhesive. It will make a difference!

Also note that the adhesive gets stronger as it ages. If you are testing out the materials you need to let them set for at least 24 hours before attempting to remove from your fixed asset or inventory items. The longer they are on the stronger the adhesive gets, which will make the tags harder to remove.

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